Always Up For the Challenge

Jason Finishes in Palmerton, PA at The 2015 Spartan Super. Jason Silva Sporting His 2015 Spartan Finisher Metal In His Favorite Junto T-Shirt Congratulations to Jason Silva! The Cornerstone Discovery, Director of Operations recently completed the 8+ mile Spartan Super Race at Blue Mountain in Palmerton, PA while sporting his favorite Junto t-shirt. Spartan Races […]

Can Google Hangouts be Wiretapped?

Technically Possible for Google to Wiretap Conversations at the Request of Law Enforcement Agents. Google Hangouts In an article written by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai from, he reports Google’s popular Hangouts service, which can be used for both text-based as well as audio-video conversations, doesn’t use end-to-end encryption. As a result, this makes it technically possible […]

Recording a Telephone Conversation Without That Person’s Consent?

Admissibility of Privately Recorded Cell Phone Calls Under Pennsylvania Wiretap Act. Image from Let’s say your Pennsylvania client wants to record his telephone conversation with another person, without that person’s consent, for use as evidence to support the client’s claim or defense. You know that under Pennsylvania’s Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Control Act, 18 […]

Federal Court Also Taxes Costs for e-Discovery

Federal Court in Colorado Placed Great Weight on Plaintiff’s Refusal to Coordinate with the Defendant to Limit Scope for Request of ESI. Overview: In this case that was dismissed on qualified immunity grounds and lack of subject matter jurisdiction, the taxable costs were $58,000 if the costs of ESI discovery were included versus $2,400 if […]

Court-Appointed Forensic Expert to Explore Spoliation in Complex Esi Case

Florida Federal Court Orders Deposition of Neutral, Court-Appointed Forensic Expert to Explore Spoliation in Complex ESI Case. Overview: In this $350 million antitrust case, because the ESI issues were complex, the District Judge in the Southern District of Florida appointed a neutral computer forensic expert to analyze the Colombia-based corporate plaintiff’s ESI, along with a […]