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Founded in 2005, Cornerstone Discovery is a single source for all of your Criminal and Civil Litigation support needs. Revolutionize your case in and out of the courtroom with a dedicated and full-service Litigation partner. Cornerstone Discovery provides you with personal access to certified technical experts and experienced trial technicians, offering strategic consulting services, dedicated project management and innovative software solutions in Digital Forensics, e-Discovery, Litigation and Trial Support for Law, Business and Government professionals.

At Cornerstone Discovery, we are passionate about our work. We are committed to seamlessly enhancing any litigation team and believe in providing trustworthy and reliable customer service, every time. Our diverse team has proven to deliver quality results in the most demanding environments, all while reducing unnecessary costs and increasing productivity. Based in the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Cornerstone Discovery is honored to serve both local and national clients with our wide range of expertise and services.

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