Federal Judge Orders Apple to Build a Backdoor to iPhone

While Apple CEO Tim Cook Believes FBI Intentions Are Good The Company Will Oppose The Order. Approximately two months later after the massacre, the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino killers is still encrypted, despite the best efforts of mobile forensics experts to “crack” it. On December 2, 2015 Tashfeen Mailk and her husband […]

Galactic Empire Suffers Massive Data Theft. Worst Case Scenario?

A data breach of the Empire’s newest flag-ship space station has caused chaos throughout the organization Image from WikiLeaks In a massive data breach of the Galactic Empire’s top secret network, confidential plans for their newest space station – dubbed the “Death Star” – have leaked online. Reports are coming out of the Rebel Alliance […]

Do the Police Need a Warrant to Track Your Cell Phone?

Cell Phone Location Tracking Laws Vary by State. Map Image From www.aclu.org Brad Reed from BGR.com reports that laws vary by state on whether or not Police can track your cell phone without a warrant. To help you understand what the current laws and procedures are in your state regarding cell phone tracking, the American […]

Welcome NFCS Students for the 5th Annual Career Shadow Day

Students Learn First Hand About Today’s Data-Driven World And What We Do. NFCS 10th Grade Students in the Conference Room Learning about Junto — online review platform On Wednesday, November 11th Cornerstone Discovery hosted 10th grade students from the New Foundations Charter School (NFCS) for the 5th Annual NFCS Career Shadow Day.

Sorry Judge. No Password. No Access.

Apple Tells U.S. Judge ‘Impossible’ to Unlock iPhones Using its Latest Operating System. In a recent article written by Federal Court Correspondent Nate Raymond of Thompson Reuters, Apple Inc. responded to a U.S. Judge after orders were made by the U.S. Justice Department that would force the company to unlock an iPhone seized during an […]

Not Considering Collecting Mobile Data?

Civil Litigators Who Do Not Consider Collecting Mobile Data Risk Missing Crucial Information. OSCE/Patrick Lauke on Flickr In a digitalforensicsmagazine.com article written by Yuval Ben Moshe the author points to the issue about how it is now harder for people to ‘switch off’ after work and leave work behind, as the basic function of a […]