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Count on our team of Certified Digital Forensic Examiners to simplify your comprehensive e-Discovery process. Leverage our technical and forensic experience to increase efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs.

We provide solutions for every stage of the EDRM process. Leverage our expertise from start to finish.

e-Discovery Provider

As a leading e-Discovery provider for Philadelphia, PA, Bucks County, Lehigh County, and Montgomery County, we are helping today’s attorneys and firms to tackle the vast amounts of electronically stored information (ESI) in complex litigation/investigations. We assist counsel in understanding the best way to collect, review, and ultimately produce ESI, as well as comprehend the potential costs and significant risks associated with producing ESI.


Full-Service e-Discovery Vendor

As a full-service e-Discovery vendor, we specialize in data collection, data preservation, litigation hold preservation, and more. Our specialists collect and preserve data from various digital devices and locations. Our services streamline the discovery review process, providing reliable and efficient solutions that save our clients time and money.

Our specialists are well-versed in the processes and technological tools associated with e-Discovery. Unlike hardcopy evidentiary materials, electronic documents contain metadata, which itself must be adequately preserved to eliminate any claims of improper storage or tampering. This metadata can include details such as timestamp dates, file properties, and other unique identifiers.

Early Case Assessment

Cornerstone’s Early Case Assessment (ECA) process was designed to drastically reduce e-Discovery costs. By performing low-cost data processing on the initial data set, we can limit the data size pushed to review, saving processing costs and costly reviewer time.

The ECA process includes filters for date and keyword, email-threading, near-dup analysis, and culling of system files and unwanted emails to generate high-quality reports. These reports contain refined search terms, email gap analysis, file-type analysis, and more to ensure a quick and efficient review.

Corporate Data Collection

Attorneys choose Cornerstone Discovery for our corporate data collection services. We feature advanced processes and technologies designed to collect large volumes of data associated with our clients’ cases.

The task of discovery is made more challenging by numerous sources and growing sizes of discoverable data across a variety of file types. Changing workplace and technology use patterns add to the challenge, requiring you to review data from cloud services, mobile devices, social media, legacy systems, and archives in addition to traditional sources such as email and file shares.

If legal discovery and regulatory response are a headache for you, you’re not alone. Surging data volumes have made discovery a strategic problem for businesses that face serial litigation and rapid regulatory change. Cornerstone Discovery provides an end-to-end discovery process to reduce your cost and risk exposure from legal and regulatory matters.


The Process — What to Expect


Our e-Discovery specialists consult with attorneys to identify potential sources of ESI, the volume of data that might be discoverable, and the custodians of discoverable evidence. The key is not just identifying the evidence, but addressing the potential scope and technical issues of the project at hand.

Preservation & Collection

Proper preservation of evidence is crucial to ensure that it will be admissible in court. Collecting ESI is a challenge, but our experts ease that burden for attorneys. Cornerstone’s specialists certify that all evidence will be collected and preserved in a forensically sound manner to ensure that all ESI remains intact.

ESI may be deleted during the course of routine business, but when potentially discoverable information is deleted, it can be considered spoliation — a sanctionable offense in some cases. Our specialists follow the EDRM model and adhere to best practices to ensure that discoverable ESI is never altered or destroyed.

Processing, Review & Analysis

Whether you are responding to a discovery request or complying with a subpoena, we partner with you to set up a protocol to define precise search parameters. By strategically guiding you through this process, we help reduce the volume of unnecessary information to save you time and cost.

Junto, our online document review platform, makes it easy to upload, process, search, and review files seamlessly, helping attorneys collaboratively review vast amounts of discovery.


Often in a lawsuit or investigation, attorneys have to respond to a request (or a series of requests) for production. Pursuant to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, a party producing ESI must produce the information in a form or forms in which it is ordinarily maintained or in a reasonably usable form or forms. Following the EDRM process, ESI is identified, collected, processed, reviewed, and analyzed before a production. Attorneys can leverage our e-Discovery specialists in this process to prepare and produce ESI in an efficient and usable format to reduce cost, risk, and errors in compliance with agreed production specifications and timelines. This can be done either electronically or on hard drives and discs.


We are experts in the technical presentation of evidence for hearings, mediations, arbitrations, and trials. Our superior graphic design capabilities allow us to create demonstratives, slides, and other assets for presentation purposes.

To learn how to leverage our cutting-edge technology and certified technicians, visit our litigation and trial support sections.

Be Proactive with Cornerstone Discovery

Tap into our reliable, dependable, and cost-effective e-Discovery solutions and specialists. We provide innovative technology and strategic consulting services for every stage of the process.

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