The Future of Law is Changing; Technology is Here to Stay.

Lawyers in 23 States Are Now Required To Stay Current With Technology In The Courtroom. Gone are the days of antiquated standards and archaic courtrooms, lawyers now have a strict responsibility to employ relevant technology in their trial practice. In an article by Mark Palmer at 2CIVILITY, he references the Supreme Court of Illinois’ recent […]

Investigators Are Using Google to Help Them Solve Crime.

Google Location Records Are Precise Enough To Place A Suspect At The Scene Of A Crime. In a recent article by Russell Brandom at The Verge, he discusses why Advertisers aren’t the only ones interested in Google’s location data these days. When investigators recently went to ID Timothy Graham, a convicted bank robber, for a […]

Introducing F2 Forensics. Accurate & Affordable Digital Forensic Program Now Servicing the Tri State

Cornerstone Discovery Launches Game-Changing, Turn-Key Digital Forensic Program for Mobile Devices. Not Only Is It Accurate and Affordable – It’s Fast 2. Today, July 22, 2016, Cornerstone Discovery officially launches F2 Forensics program to service the legal and investigative community in the tri-state area. Attorneys, law firms, and investigators within PA, NJ and DE now […]

Judge Decides IP Address Not Enough to Pinpoint a Bittorrent Pirate.

Hollywood Seeks Prosecution For Illegal Downloading of Adam Sandler Movie. Case is Dismissed On Lack Of Proof. In a recent article by Royel Edwards at GIZMODO, he discusses why a federal case was recently dismissed against Thomas Gonzales, accused of illegally downloading Adam Sandler’s 2015 Movie, The Cobbler, via BitTorrent. With an average rating of […]

The FBI is Going After Your Browser History Without a Warrant.

The FBI is Going After the Browser History of Spies In a recent article by Reporter Ellen Nakashima at Washington Post, she writes that per the FBI’s request, some lawmakers are advancing legislation that would allow the bureau to obtain browser history using a national security letter, issued by a special agent without a judge’s […]