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Year after year Cornerstone Discovery continued to be ranked #1 in Digital Forensics and Corporate Investigations and is now recognized as #1 in End-to-End E-Discovery in the legal community.

Digital Forensics

Rely on our team of Certified Technical Experts with the experience and resources necessary to uncover the critical evidence you need. We've streamlined the process to save you time and money.



Tap into our reliable, dependable and cost-effective e-Discovery solutions. We provide innovative technology and strategic consulting services for every stage of the e-Discovery process.


Litigation Support

Access our round-the-clock, comprehensive and industry-leading Litigation Support services, including graphic design, evidence storage, printing/production services, scanning and more.


Trial Support

Leverage our Certified Trial Technicians, experts in presentation and technology software, to help you prepare and execute your best case.





Introducing Junto.

Innovation Meets Design. E-Discovery just got Easier.

From conference room to courtroom, Junto is an innovative e-Discovery web application that provides an easy to use solution for securely reviewing, searching and organizing vast amounts of discovery data. The cloud-based online platform provides Law, Business and Government Agency environments with direct access to information from anywhere in the world. Discover Junto and turn information into powerful results.


Full-Service Legal Litigation Support Firm

Before filing a lawsuit, developing a case, preparing your defense, or attempting to uncover crucial evidence, consider enlisting a professional litigation support company to help your law firm and legal team prepare for and execute at trial. Our seasoned and certified technical experts can aid in handling the complex technological aspects of your case, allowing you to enjoy a timely and cost-effective outcome. Cornerstone Discovery is an award-winning and reliable litigation support firm that seeks to address your criminal and civil litigation support needs. Our services are available in the Tri-State area, including Philadelphia, PA, the surrounding regions of Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery Counties, as well as in NJ, DE, and NY. However, we have grown and established ourselves beyond our vicinity — we are now a nationally recognized company offering our services across the country.

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Digital Forensics Services

Cornerstone Discovery offers digital investigation services to collect and preserve critical evidence from mobile devices, stand-alone computers, and Internet-based cloud services. Our experience as a litigation support firm allows us to ensure that the evidence will be admissible in court without dispute. The team at Cornerstone Discovery comprises forensic investigators, certified digital forensic examiners, litigation consultants, legal project managers and e-Discovery Specialists— among other experts — to leave no stone unturned and to extract and preserve the data you need.

These services include Preservation & Collection (of digital devices, servers, etc.), Analysis & Reporting, and Expert Witness Testimony & Rebuttal in court. We assist in a variety of matters that involve digital devices and data, from extensive corporate investigations (i.e., stolen trade secrets), internal governmental investigations, internal investigations for public entities like school districts, colleges, and universities, to criminal investigations (i.e., call detail record location analysis or cybercrimes) and more.

Litigation Support Services

From graphic design and printing services to exhibit management and presentation development, our litigation support solutions help enhance your case. Our team eases the burden of technology so that you can focus on winning.

Trial Support

In today’s trials, judges and juries expect visually appealing and technology-driven presentations. With our certified trial technicians and litigation technology support staff in your corner before, during, and after trial, you will be equipped with the latest creative and software solutions to best represent your case.


Once we forensically collect and preserve the data, our e-Discovery specialists can process vast amounts of data by setting a protocol to define search parameters, as well as assist with refining and negotiating an ESI protocol, executing searches, automated privilege logs, managing review teams, and producing relevant data. We work with you on your individual case to assess your needs and offer the most cost-effective and complete solutions to ensure projects get done on time and within budget. We also offer an online collaborative document review platform, Junto.

We are proudly headquartered Philadelphia, PA, and service the surrounding regions of Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery counties, and the rest of the Tri-State area, including NJ, DE, and NY. Our expertise expands beyond these locations — we have experts admitted all over the United States, and have managed international data collections as needed, including in Europe and Asia. When you need a reliable legal litigation support firm, count on us for comprehensive and dependable services.

Voted #1 in Digital Forensics & Corporate Investigations in 2019 and again in 2020, Cornerstone Discovery is proud to offer expert digital Forensics, e-Discovery, litigation, and trial support services. For more information, reach out to our team today.