We will take care of technology and exhibit presentations, you can focus on winning your case.

Trial Support Services

Trial attorneys and their legal assistants depend on Cornerstone Discovery for our array of trial support services. Lawyers spend months or even years preparing for trial, so they need a seasoned trial support specialist they can rely on to help them prepare and execute before, during, and after court sessions. Attorneys and the Court expect no delays or issues with technology at trial. Our certified trial technicians use proven trial hardware and software combined with best practices for the digital display of documents, audio, and video in court. Our trial technicians and litigation support staff have extensive experience in both civil and criminal trials. From trial preparation and tech set-up to War Room and in-court trial support, we’ve got you covered! Let us take care of the technology so you can focus on winning your case.

When litigating cases, attorneys know how vital sophisticated, tech-driven presentations are to trial outcomes. Today’s jurors are accustomed to the instantaneous delivery of information and demand visual imagery to complement the verbal content of the fact-finding mission before them. Cornerstone Discovery provides a wide array of trial support services for cities throughout the region, including Philadelphia, PA, the surrounding regions of Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery Counties, as well as in NJ, DE, and NY. We are also a nationally recognized company offering our services across the country.

We know what works and what fails. Here is a summary of what services our trial and litigation support specialists can provide:

  • Exhibit Preparation (Documents, Images, Audio & Video)
  • File Format Conversions for Presentations
  • Professionally Produced Audio & Video Editing
  • Deposition Synching (Transcripts & Video)
  • Exhibit Presentation Utilizing Proven Software Solutions
  • PowerPoint Presentations for Opening and Closing Statements
  • Custom Visual Aids, Graphic Design & Timelines
  • Animation
  • Troubleshooting Technology Snafus – Quickly!
  • Printing & Scanning

Trial Support Specialists

Attorneys have come to expect flawless preparation, support, and execution at trial. Cornerstone’s technicians provide everything from trial preparation and exhibit management to technology set-up, in-court trial support, and before/after-hours support. Our highly trained specialists possess thousands of hours of in-court experience supporting both criminal and civil trials, allowing us to seamlessly integrate with any attorney or litigation team.

Litigation Support Services

Cornerstone Discovery offers a wide range of litigation support services. We consult with litigators to create tech-driven presentations that provide clear visual demonstratives for judges and juries. With our trial presentation software and e-Discovery solutions, we assist attorneys throughout the planning and litigating process.

Trial Graphics

Trial attorneys depend on high quality visual demonstratives to help them present their cases. Cornerstone’s specialists possess world-class capabilities for creating sophisticated trial graphics and presentations, utilizing high-performance printers and scanners when needed.

Data for Opening and Closing Statements

Our Trial Support specialists can assist attorneys at trial with the development and execution of opening and closing statements. This typically means developing slide presentations that either outline what an attorney will try to prove (opening) or a summary of the facts of the case (closing). Cornerstone will work with attorneys to design these presentations by integrating text, trial exhibits, audio/video, and more with animation and builds.

War Room Design

Have a large criminal or civil trial with multiple attorneys? Perhaps a War Room is needed. Cornerstone Discovery provides War Room design services for trial lawyers and their support staff. Having an adequate space outfitted with the right technology and equipment can make a huge difference in how you strategize and prepare for each witness. Cornerstone Discovery can fully equip and set up War Rooms onsite at the courthouse or a separate remote location. A fully equipped War Room includes printers, workstations, wireless routers, power stations, supplies, whiteboards, projectors, and everything in between; down to the mini-fridge and coffee stations. Our trial support specialists routinely provide War Room design for litigators in the Tri-State area, including Philadelphia, PA, the surrounding regions of Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery Counties, as well as in NJ, DE, and NY.

Utilizing the Latest Technology

Regardless of the courtroom or environment, our team will come equipped with the latest technology. We provide and set up the right combination of trial technology and tools, tested and ready to enhance your case. You’ll never have to worry about equipment setup or breakdown; we’ll take care of that, too. Our goal is to always stay ahead of your needs.

As your trial support partner, we remove the burden of technology and exhibit creation so that you can focus on winning your case.

Equipment solutions we provide include:

  • Laptops, iPads, & Tablets
  • Flat Panel Computer Monitors (Judge, Jury, Witness, Defense & Prosecution)
  • Large Format HD TVs & Touch Screens
  • Audio Speakers
  • Hi-Definition Projectors & Projector Screens
  • On-Site Printer, Scanner & Wireless Router
  • Ipro TrialDirector Software
  • MS Suite & PowerPoint Software
  • Wiring, Switches, Duplicators, Power Supplies & Accessories
  • Digital Exhibit Management & Labeling with Docfol.io℠
  • Direct Access to Case Files on Junto℠
  • HD Cameras & Remote Video Conferencing Solutions

We are dedicated to always having the right combination of tools, tested and ready to enhance your case.

For superior trial and litigation support, contact Cornerstone Discovery. We have a reputation throughout the Tri-State Area for our trial preparation and in-court trial support. Since we understand the value of flawless execution, we have high-profile and experienced trial attorneys who would happily provide a reference. For more information about our trial support services or digital private investigators, reach out to us today.


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