Court-Appointed Forensic Expert to Explore Spoliation in Complex Esi Case

Florida Federal Court Orders Deposition of Neutral, Court-Appointed Forensic Expert to Explore Spoliation in Complex ESI Case. Overview: In this $350 million antitrust case, because the ESI issues were complex, the District Judge in the Southern District of Florida appointed a neutral computer forensic expert to analyze the Colombia-based corporate plaintiff’s ESI, along with a […]

Improve Turnaround Times on Cases Involving Mobile Devices

Disabled? Locked? Fire Damage? Water Logged? Destroyed Intentionally? We can Help. CORNERSTONE DISCOVERY NOW OFFERS JTAG AND CHIP-OFF FORENSIC SERVICES In addition to our one day turnaround time on traditional mobile forensics , Cornerstone Discovery is now proud to offer police departments and criminal investigative units advanced digital forensic services for disabled, locked or damaged […]

Coordinating Discovery Attorney in Criminal Case Rejected

Federal Court in NY Rejects use of Coordinating Discovery Attorney (“CDA”) in Criminal Case, Cites Risk to Attorney-Client Relationship. Overview: Recently, some courts in federal, multi-defendant criminal cases involving federal public defenders and court-appointed lawyers have appointed a Coordinating Discovery Attorney (“CDA”) to manage the increasing amount of electronically stored information (“ESI”) that the government […]

Digital Forensics Analysis Not Required Under Right-to-Know Request”

Pennsylvania Township is Not Required to Conduct Digital Forensics Analysis under Right-To-Know Request. Overview: The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court in Paint Township v. Clark, No. 2133 C.D. 2013 (Pa. Commw. Feb. 2, 2015), recently ruled that a municipality is not required to engage a forensics analyst to reconstruct deleted electronic information when responding to a request […]

Personal Emails to Attorney on Company’s Computer Network are Privileged

Employee’s Personal Emails to Attorney on Employer’s Computer Network are Privileged in NJ Case. Overview: A New Jersey trial court recently ruled in an employment and shareholder dispute that an employee’s personal emails sent to his attorney through his company’s electronic communications system were protected from discovery by the attorney-client privilege. This ruling in Ferrer […]

An Interview With Louis Cinquanto

Welcome to our first e-Newsletter. Our mission is to provide you with timely and important technology information affecting today’s Legal Community. In this inaugural edition of The Tech Gazette we feature an interview with visionary Owner and Managing Director of Cornerstone Discovery – Louis Cinquanto. Louis Cinquanto pictured in Server Room THE INTERVIEW QUESTION: You […]

Cornerstone Discovery Attends LegalTech® New York 2015

Team Launches New Company Brand and Junto Web Application at New York Event. (From Right to Left) Jason Silva, Louis Cinquanto, Joe Walsh and Grady Walters at LegalTech New York A NEW YORK MINUTE “A year in the making and with all the excitement and enthusiasm it felt like it went by in a New […]

Sean Morgan Now Director, Litigation & Trial Technology

A Proven Leader in Litigation Technology & Trial Technology. Sean Morgan, Director, Litigation & Trial Technology MUCH LIKE THE BRAND HIS REPUTATION PRECEDES HIM Cornerstone Discovery is proud to announce the promotion of Sean Morgan to Director, Litigation & Trial Technology. Since joining the Company in 2009, Sean has quickly become a leader in trial […]

Jason Silva Now Director of Operations

The Man That Wears Many Hats Tapped for Leadership Role. Jason Silva, ACE – Director, Operations COMPANY VISION AND DEDICATION MAKES HIM THE RIGHT CHOICE Today, we are proud to announce that Jason Silva is now promoted to Director of Operations. His meticulous attention to detail and strong leadership skills benefit the Cornerstone Discovery team […]