Galactic Empire Suffers Massive Data Theft. Worst Case Scenario?

A data breach of the Empire’s newest flag-ship space station has caused chaos throughout the organization

Image from WikiLeaks

In a massive data breach of the Galactic Empire’s top secret network, confidential plans for their newest space station – dubbed the “Death Star” – have leaked online. Reports are coming out of the Rebel Alliance base on Yavin 4 that the plans were indeed the key piece of information used to find and exploit a vulnerability in their defenses, leading to the ultimate destruction of the space station and the eventual crippling of the Galactic Empire.

Data security and intelecutal property is extremely important. Cornerstone Discovery’s expertise in data recovery, forensic investigation, and network security could have helped the Galactic Empire avoid or minimize this breach. IP theft can have devastating effects on your company. Don’t take your organization’s network security lightly. Call Cornerstone when key employees leave or whenever you suspect your data has been breached.

May the force be with you.



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