What Is Email Threading & How Is It Used During e-Discovery?

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As modern businesses grow, their legal teams are increasingly tasked with reviewing hundreds or even thousands of emails for e-Discovery purposes. With such a large volume of information to process and analyze in order to get the job done correctly and effectively, it can be difficult for corporate legal teams to keep up. To make email review more manageable and efficient, teams use email threading. But what exactly does using this entail? Here, we provide an overview of email threading and explain how it is used during e-Discovery review processes. We’ll also look at the advantages that embracing this technology can bring to your business’s legal department.

A Brief Look at Email Threading

In the digital age, email communication is ubiquitous in our everyday lives, and its importance is only growing. For litigators, email communication is a goldmine of information that can be a key factor in building a successful case. However, email discovery can be a time-consuming and daunting task. That’s where email threading comes into play.

Email threading is a process that allows e-Discovery professionals to group emails together based on their content and context, making it easier to review large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Imagine having to manually sift through hundreds of long email chains with recipients CC’d and BCC’d on different emails and documents attached at various times. Not only is this daunting, but it also leads to the risk of missing pertinent information.

By allowing a coherent and chronological view of related emails, email threading facilitates quicker identification of crucial information and reduces the likelihood of important information being overlooked. Ultimately, email threading is an invaluable tool for e-Discovery and can save time, money, and resources in the long run.

How Email Threading Helps With e-Discovery

One of the last things you want is to have your company’s preservation process questioned as you’re trying to build a case. Email threading ensures relevant emails are not excluded from your document review and maintains the larger picture, so reviewers are not treating emails as a one-off message. Here are some of the other key benefits of email threading in eDiscovery:

  • Contextualization: By grouping related email messages into threads, email threading provides crucial context that can help investigators better understand the relationships between various parties, as well as the timeline of events that led up to a particular incident.
  • Elimination of Duplicates: Email threading can also help eliminate duplicate emails, which can save time and resources during the e-Discovery process. By grouping together emails that were part of the same conversation, document reviewers can easily identify and remove duplicates from their analysis.
  • Reduced Review Time: Email threading can significantly reduce the amount of time required for review, as investigators can quickly hone in on the most relevant emails and conversations. For example, email threading helps identify inclusive emails by analyzing segments. These inclusive emails contain all text and attachments within an email thread group. Analyzing these emails ensures that important information is not missed while also reducing costs associated with lengthy review processes.
  • Increased Accuracy: By analyzing emails within the context of a thread, investigators can more accurately determine the intent and meaning behind individual messages. This can be critical in cases where communication may have been intentionally vague or misleading.

Overall, email threading can be an invaluable tool for e-Discovery professionals and legal teams, helping them to extract valuable insights from large volumes of email data while reducing the time and cost associated with traditional review methods.

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