The Future of Law is Changing; Technology is Here to Stay.

Lawyers in 23 States Are Now Required To Stay Current With Technology In The Courtroom.

Gone are the days of antiquated standards and archaic courtrooms, lawyers now have a strict responsibility to employ relevant technology in their trial practice. In an article by Mark Palmer at 2CIVILITY, he references the Supreme Court of Illinois’ recent ruling to adopt amendment to Comment 8 of Rule 1.1, requiring a lawyer to “keep abreast of changes in the law and its practice, including the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology.”

Here are five reasons why your practice needs to adopt technological best practices in order to competitive:

1. To Serve Your Client

You owe it to your client and they expect it. From e-discovery to trial support, to be your Client’s best advocate in the courtroom you must employ the tools of technology.

2. Impress The Jury

Jurors are demanding visual imagery and demonstrative evidence to support verbal content. Dynamic presentations are powered by technology.

3. Keep The Judge Happy

Technology promotes efficiency in the courtroom. This can include communication, presentation and the sharing of evidence. In today’s courtroom Judge expects technological competence.

4. For You

Improve your presentation of evidence. Technology promotes efficiency and professionalism throughout all aspects of trial preparation and practice.

5. For Your Reputation

Hear the train coming, the next generation of lawyers are moving in. Millennial lawyers are equipped with the experience and education to exploit technology for their competitive advantage. You must keep up with industry standards to maintain your legal competency and your reputation.

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