The Shifting Role of e-Discovery in the Legal Space

eDiscovery is Revolutionizing Litigation with Tools that Exceed Human Capabilities and Elevate Attorney Efficiency.

Our very own Director of Operations, Jason Silva, along with Jack Berlin, CEO and president of Accusoft, was recently featured in Legal IT Professionals Column on “The Shifting Role of eDiscovery in the Legal Space.” The article discusses the shifting role of eDiscovery in criminal proceedings and why firms, big and small, are making the switch.

Here are three reasons why there has never been a better time for law firms to invest in an eDiscovery platform.

1. eDiscovery is now accessible to small and medium sized firms alike, leveling the playing field between solo practitioners and fortune 500s.

With the availability of third party resources like Cornerstone Discovery, small and medium sized firms can now access the same eDiscovery ecosystem as larger firms. Implementation costs are low, eDiscovery platforms are user friendly and there’s no bulky equipment. Hence, legal teams of all sizes are increasing their productivity and unlocking the power of online collaboration.

2. Manual discovery efforts fall short of delivering a thorough defense; eDiscovery is as crucial as it is necessary.

In today’s virtual environment, manual sorting and categorizing of data is no longer feasible. Information is now digital by default; if metadata isn’t being included in the analysis of the facts, the whole story isn’t being told. During trial, the real time availability of eDiscovery can play a vital role in successful defense. Firms of all sizes can’t afford to lose their competitive edge by not having the eDiscovery tools to navigate through metadata and new facts in real time.

3. Firms may face spoliation charges if they do not adopt eDiscovery best practices.

A damaged hard drive may represent the loss of billions of pieces of integral data. Deleting an email or a document, is unethical and illegal, but easy to happen by accident. With the availability of tools to identify and preserve data, firms could now be at risk of facing spoliation charges in the result of late eDiscovery adoption. Lawyers now have a strict responsibility to employ relevant technology in their trial practice, requiring a lawyer to “keep abreast of changes in the law and its practice, including the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology.”

Read more about this article as featured in Legal IT Professionals Column.

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