Built-in Cameras May be Offering an Unauthorized View Into Your Private Life.

Paranoia Grows as Webcam Hacking Becomes a Growing Risk in Everyday Life.

Consider all of the moments, from boring to intimate, that your phone, your computer and your smart tv get to watch. In a recent article for The Guardian, Danny Yadron explains that hackers may be spying on the other end of that device.

There’s been a significant increase in the use of webcam and smartphone covers designed to hide the camera, and for good reason. Researchers are discovering that hackers are accessing the cameras in personal devices of people everywhere. While Retailers are happy to profit from the security risk, not everyone is willing to pay for a cool plastic slider or sticker. Take for example FBI director, James Comey, who says he’s been covering his phone camera with tape for years.

The conversation is about to hit the big screen. Check out this clip of a paranoid Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a movie trailer for SNOWDEN which exposes illegal surveillance activities by the NSA.

With all of the personal activities that we do with a device in sight, it might be time to jump on the bandwagon and cover up. Unless you’re like Matthew Green, encryption expert at Johns Hopkins University, who justifies his decision to go exposed saying, “I figure that seeing me naked would be punishment enough.” Either way, the threat shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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