Improve Turnaround Times on Cases Involving Mobile Devices

Disabled? Locked? Fire Damage? Water Logged? Destroyed Intentionally? We can Help.


In addition to our one day turnaround time on traditional mobile forensics , Cornerstone Discovery is now proud to offer police departments and criminal investigative units advanced digital forensic services for disabled, locked or damaged mobile devices that were once only offered by the FBI and a limited number of regional government agencies. This includes:

JTAG Forensics

  • For devices that are locked, have disabled USB ports or have light to moderate physical damage
  • Involves disassembling the device and soldering wires to the device’s test access ports then connecting those wires to a JTAG box to obtain an image of the memory chip
  • Once an image is obtained, wires are de-soldered and the device may be reassembled to become functional (if it was functioning before the process started)

Chip-Off Forensics

  • For devices deemed unrecoverable (i.e., damaged by fire, water-logged, run over); typically, a final-stage solution when all other options have been exhausted
  • Utilizes special equipment to gently disassemble the device and extract the memory chip
  • Certified examiner cleans the memory chip and prepares it for imaging; raw data is then extracted using specialized programs and adapters

Without these advanced techniques, detectives and police officials face dire challenges solving cases. Cornerstone Discovery is often able to obtain critical data from purposely damaged mobile devices, and devices recovered from a body of water, car accident or fire. Better yet, we can reduce the average turnaround time on job requests from 9-12 months to 1-2 weeks.

Together, our digital forensics team possesses over 30 years of experience uncovering digital footprints that were once thought to be lost forever. Our team includes experts in preservation and analysis, backed by our Director of Digital Forensics, Joe Walsh—a former law enforcement detective and FBI task force officer.

At Cornerstone Discovery, we are passionate about our work and providing the highest level of service to our clients. You can rely on our team of technical experts, which has repeatedly proven to deliver timely and accurate results in the most demanding and time-sensitive environments.

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