Don’t DIY: Why You Should Never Attempt to Collect Digital Evidence Without Expert Assistance

With the boom of electronically stored information (ESI) and e-Discovery in litigation, digital forensics has become a widely sought-after practice. With the advent of and nearly ubiquitous reliance on e-mails and electronic financial transactions, electronic discovery appears in a significant amount of cases nowadays. To cut electronic discovery costs, law firms and corporations are putting […]

Cornerstone Discovery Voted #1 in Digital Forensics & Corporate Investigations — Two Years in a Row

More great news! Cornerstone Discovery has been recognized as the #1 Digital Forensics and Corporate Investigations firm in Pennsylvania for two consecutive years. This award was presented to Cornerstone Discovery by The Legal Intelligencer through its “Best of” 2020 survey. The “Best of” annual survey was developed by The Legal Intelligencer to help lawyers identify […]

Sierra Joins Cornerstone Discovery’s Team as Nation’s Leading Expert in Cell Site Forensics.

This week Cornerstone Discovery welcomed Joseph M. Sierra as one of the nation’s leading experts in Cell Site Analysis. At Cornerstone Discovery, Joe will draw on his expertise to provide digital forensic services and expert witness testimony on cases that involve digital information, specifically cell site analysis, mobile phone forensics, and general digital forensic knowledge. […]

Cornerstone Discovery Digital Forensic Experts Featured in the PACDL May Issue of “For the Defe

This Must-Read Article for Criminal Defense Attorneys Captures the Latest Insights on Cell Phone Technology and Cell Tower Triangulation. The Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (PACDL) latest issue of “For The Defense” features a contributing article from our very own certified digital forensic examiners, Kyle McArdle and Ben McCollum. Starting on page 32, the […]

Corporate Investigation Produces Big Results

Insider Threats are Becoming Increasingly Harmful for all Businesses as Technology Enables Employees to Steal Company Data Quickly and Easily. A Fortune 500 company had a senior sales team member leave the company to work for an up-and-coming competitor. This employee had access to the company network that includes the sales strategies, pipeline for sales, […]

CellHawk’s State-of-the-Art CDR Mapping and Analysis Technology Delivers Superior Results

Certified Digital Forensic Examiner, Benjamin McCollum, recently traveled to Texas to attend a CellHawk Product and Cellular Technology Mapping & Analysis advanced training seminar. Hawk Analytic’s flagship product, CellHawk, is an innovative system for rapidly mapping, analyzing, and presenting historical cell phone call detail records (CDRs). At Cornerstone Discovery, we’re pleased to leverage CellHawk’s state-of-the-art […]