Sierra Joins Cornerstone Discovery’s Team as Nation’s Leading Expert in Cell Site Forensics.

This week Cornerstone Discovery welcomed Joseph M. Sierra as one of the nation’s leading experts in Cell Site Analysis.

At Cornerstone Discovery, Joe will draw on his expertise to provide digital forensic services and expert witness testimony on cases that involve digital information, specifically cell site analysis, mobile phone forensics, and general digital forensic knowledge. Joe’s depth of experience, knowledge, and analytical capabilities in cellular technology and forensics will complement the growing team of seasoned digital forensic examiners at Cornerstone Discovery.

Joe brings with him over ten years of experience in cellular technology and digital evidence. He has worked in the legal industry since 2008 and spent the last ten years at T-Mobile as a Legal Compliance Specialist and Senior Testifier in the Law Enforcement Relations Department.

At T-Mobile, Joe managed a team of seven expert testifiers and developed relevant policies and procedures to optimize criminal investigative operations. This experience led Joe to perform numerous expert training sessions in Call Detail Record (CDRs) analysis for internal employees, prosecutor offices, and law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI. In addition, Joe responded to and analyzed over 6,000 cellular reports and provided testimony in over 400 trials relating to mobile data, GPS tracking, electronic surveillance (PEN, T-III, FISA), and timing advance. Joe has also been qualified as an expert witness in local, state, and federal courts across the US in cell tower data analysis, RF engineering, GPS/Triangulation-Cellular, and cellular forensics.

Joe holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice from Rutgers University and achieved an M.S. in Criminology-Intelligence and Forensic Data Analysis from St. Joseph’s University.

To learn more about Cornerstone Discovery’s Digital Forensic services, visit our website at or to discuss a case involving Cell Site Analysis, or for CLE and other teaching opportunities, please contact, Joe Sierra at (267) 639-6900 or email, [email protected].



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