CellHawk’s State-of-the-Art CDR Mapping and Analysis Technology Delivers Superior Results

Certified Digital Forensic Examiner, Benjamin McCollum, recently traveled to Texas to attend a CellHawk Product and Cellular Technology Mapping & Analysis advanced training seminar. Hawk Analytic’s flagship product, CellHawk, is an innovative system for rapidly mapping, analyzing, and presenting historical cell phone call detail records (CDRs).

At Cornerstone Discovery, we’re pleased to leverage CellHawk’s state-of-the-art CDR mapping and analysis technology, employed by top agencies throughout the United States. Traditional CDR analysis using manual plotting techniques requires a significant amount of tedious labor. The CellHawk software not only saves time but also delivers superior results.

Check out these five ways CellHawk improves CDR analysis at Cornerstone Discovery:

  1. Saves time and delivers results with speed and precision.
  2. Uncovers significant additional information by mapping and analyzing 1000’s of calls with ease.
  3. Guides investigations by quickly determining relevant phones and locations.
  4. Delivers powerful visual presentations, graphics, and animations for court.
  5. Offers cutting-edge features including call mapping, call animation, geographical boundaries, first/last analysis, cell site/sector display, custom markers, and more.

CellHawk’s secure system ingests the call detail records provided by cell phone providers in their original state and plots them in a ready to export and easy-to-use platform. This assures that plotting the records and preliminary reporting takes minutes as opposed to hours, and detail plotting reports and courtroom exhibits are generated in half the amount of time.

To learn more about Cornerstone Discovery’s Digital Forensic services, visit cornerstonediscovery.com or email [email protected].

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Image by Hawk Analytics. © Hawk Analytics 2019.



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