Cornerstone Discovery Digital Forensic Experts Featured in the PACDL May Issue of “For the Defe

This Must-Read Article for Criminal Defense Attorneys Captures the Latest Insights on Cell Phone Technology and Cell Tower Triangulation.

The Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (PACDL) latest issue of “For The Defense” features a contributing article from our very own certified digital forensic examiners, Kyle McArdle and Ben McCollum.

Starting on page 32, the article communicates what you need to know when it comes to Cell Phone Technology and Cell Tower Triangulation. This must-read article covers a range of essential need-to-know information if you have a case that involves determining your client’s location at a particular date and time – assuming your client was carrying a cell phone. Article highlights include:

  • The different types of location data in today’s cell phone technology
  • The basics of how a cell phone tower works
  • What Call Detail Records (CDRs) are and how to obtain them
  • How cell phone triangulation works
  • How to obtain additional, time-sensitive critical data from cell providers
  • When to solicit the use of a certified digital forensic examiner to plot location data for triangulation

To read the full article now, click here.

Our Team of Certified Digital Forensic Experts can Assist you with CDR Data Today.

If your client is refuting his or her proximity to a crime scene or whereabouts on a specific day, an experienced digital forensic examiner can help you. Our examiners will take time to explain the process and assist you in obtaining the correct data from the cell provider. The examiner will then review the CDR data and plot it over a map of the location(s). If required, a certified examiner can provide a report of the analysis and testify in court to share their findings, or potentially rebut the analysis of the prosecutor’s expert witness.

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