Young man texting on his phone while driving

How Cell Phone Forensics Uncovers Distracted Driving

The widespread use of mobile devices has brought forth a new set of challenges to public safety. Among these challenges, distracted driving, often involving the use of cell phones while operating a vehicle, has led to an alarming number of accidents on the roads, posing significant risks to both drivers and pedestrians. At Cornerstone Discovery, […]

using technology in the courtroom

How to Use Technology Effectively in the Courtroom

Technology has drastically changed the way lawyers, legal teams, and courtrooms operate, from better access to information to more streamlined processes. It’s clear that implementing technology into your practice is an essential component of successfully navigating today’s complex legal environment. But many litigators, from civil to criminal defense attorneys, are still unsure how best to […]

Best Of Award Shield from the Legal Intelligencer

Cornerstone Discovery Wins “Best Of” Award From The Legal Intelligencer for Third Year in a Row!

In the dynamic world of legal services, staying ahead requires innovation, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. The annual “Best Of” awards by The Legal Intelligencer, a leading legal publication, highlight legal product and service providers who consistently outshine their competition and cater to lawyers’ essential needs and contribute to their success. These awards are […]

Hands typing on a laptop with email icons floating around the fingers

What Is Email Threading & How Is It Used During e-Discovery?

As modern businesses grow, their legal teams are increasingly tasked with reviewing hundreds or even thousands of emails for e-Discovery purposes. With such a large volume of information to process and analyze in order to get the job done correctly and effectively, it can be difficult for corporate legal teams to keep up. To make […]

Digital forensics expert in court

What Is the Role of a Digital Forensics Expert Witness?

As the significance of electronic evidence continues to grow, it becomes increasingly essential for legal professionals to navigate the complex landscape of digital information. However, they may not have the time, resources, or expertise necessary to analyze electronically stored information while building a strong case. In these instances, they must rely on computer forensics experts. […]

legal and digital forensics experts

Benefits of Retaining a Digital Forensics Expert for Your Firm

The legal landscape has experienced a seismic shift in recent years as more digital evidence gets brought into the courtroom. Everything from electronic records, internet tracking data, mobile devices, and more can be used in a case for — or against — your clients. Ensuring you leave no stone unturned during the discovery process can […]

Person typing away on a laptop taking detailed meeting notes

How to Successfully Set Up a Litigation War Room

As an attorney or paralegal, you understand the importance of pre-trial preparation. When facing a large case, you need the perfect space to concentrate, strategize, and collaborate. That’s where a war room comes in handy. This space is ideally outfitted with the latest technology, equipment, supplies, and support staff you need to plan for and […]

Visual graphic illustrating a data breach

Steps Your Company Should Take After a Data Breach

Data breaches are all too common for organizations across the nation. Even companies with robust security measures in place are not immune. For this reason, knowing how to respond after a data breach is essential, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation. When you can respond quickly and effectively after a breach, you […]