Benefits of Retaining a Digital Forensics Expert for Your Firm

legal and digital forensics experts

The legal landscape has experienced a seismic shift in recent years as more digital evidence gets brought into the courtroom. Everything from electronic records, internet tracking data, mobile devices, and more can be used in a case for — or against — your clients. Ensuring you leave no stone unturned during the discovery process can better inform your case and account for every possible development. 

However, with so many different avenues and terabytes of data that can impact your case, having the ability to sift through all of this data and find the most vital pieces of information can prove critical. A digital forensics expert can make all the difference for law firms and legal teams looking to present the most complete version of their case. Here are some of the top benefits of retaining a digital forensics expert for your law firm.  

Avoid Pitfalls of “Self-Collection”

During the early stages of the e-discovery, your clients may want to avoid incurring further costs by collecting and submitting their own data. While this may seem like the less intrusive and more cost effective solution, it can open your clients up to increased scrutiny and call into question the integrity of the data. Your opposition can argue that your in-house IT team may have been directed to selectively submit key data, and they may have left out key evidence. 

However, if your law firm has an independent forensics expert on retainer, you can have them perform the discovery for your clients. Since they’re an independent entity, your expert doesn’t have the same perceived vested interest, and the integrity of the data collection cannot come under the same level of scrutiny as self-collection. 

Preserve the Chain of Digital Evidence

Your client’s internal IT team may have the best intentions when they begin collecting evidence for e-discovery. Still, the chances are high that they don’t have the necessary experience preserving the chain of custody. For digital evidence, ensuring that the documents, images, and posts haven’t been tampered with or can’t be argued there was tampering can make or break your case. 

Additionally, certain pieces of digital evidence can only be attained by a digital forensics expert who can navigate these systems’ intricacies. Having one on retainer ensures you have access to trained professionals with years of experience working with law firms like yours and ensuring the chain of custody and sensitive data stays as protected and complete as possible. 

They Can Help Analyze the Data

Now that you have all the information at your fingertips, you need to analyze it to find the pieces that best help your arguments. With so much data to sift through, it can feel impossible to find the pertinent details. Having a digital forensics expert you trust and have built a rapport with can help ensure your defenses are ironclad. 

Turn to Cornerstone Discovery for Your Digital Forensic Needs

Cornerstone Discovery has partnered with countless law firms nationwide to provide them with the best digital forensic experts to help with their current and future cases. We work with our clients to comb through the available data and ensure the e-discovery process goes off without a hitch. Contact our team to learn more about how we can help your law firm today!



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