Trump Accused of Calling Clinton’s Kettle Black for Destroying Email Evidence Himself.

In 2006, The Trump Organization Was Accused of Purposely Deleting Email Evidence in Billion Dollar Lawsuit.

In a recent article by Paul Singer at USA TODAY, he reveals Trump is calling Clinton’s kettle black. “Folks, honestly, she’s guilty as hell,” shouts Trump, accusing Clinton’s private server for jeopardizing national security.

While Trump has been publicly attacking Hillary Clinton for her recent email scandal, Trump’s decade-old preservation debacle is now being revealed. In a 2006 lawsuit, Trump sued a former employee and the companies he went to work with for more than $1 billion dollars for a casino deal that slipped away. The Judge ordered Trump to prove his stake in the deal by handing over proof via email communication. It was a surprising revelation that neither Trump, nor the Trump Organization, had any email records from 1996 to 2001. Despite the 1998 Trump New Media venture that planned “to wire his luxury high-rise Trump Tower for blazing-fast Internet access and video-on-demand service,” Trump’s own company claims to not have used it themselves, instead relying on dial-up.

Email retention policies were not quite developed through the later 1990’s, leaving companies unsure of what they were required to keep. In this case, the defendants asked for the Trump Organization to be sanctioned for destruction of evidence, but the case was settled before the Judge’s ruling.

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Strict data preservation standards and E-Discovery best practices are essential in today’s technical landscape. While many companies are now creating their own scheduled deletion policies to protect themselves, once an investigation is started, deleting emails is illegal.

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