The FBI is Going After Your Browser History Without a Warrant.

The FBI is Going After the Browser History of Spies

In a recent article by Reporter Ellen Nakashima at Washington Post, she writes that per the FBI’s request, some lawmakers are advancing legislation that would allow the bureau to obtain browser history using a national security letter, issued by a special agent without a judge’s approval. The NSL provision would include the FBI’s access to records of a person’s Internet protocol address and how much time a person spends on a given site, but would not include specific site details, such as subpages or google search inquiries.

Privacy Advocates and Tech Companies are speaking up. Groups including the American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International USA, Google, Facebook and Yahoo are against the provision, fearing the FBI’s access to such sensitive and intimate information without oversight. Privacy Advocates wrote a letter opposing the FBI’s efforts to expand its surveillance powers, urging the Senate to remove the provision from the Intelligence Authorization bill. The Judiciary Committee met yesterday as part of a broader effort to update the ECPA to require a warrant for all email content, regardless of its sent or drafted date.

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