Jason Silva Guest Lectures Cyberlaw Class at Wilmington University (free download)

Jason Silva engaged Wilmington University students with real-life application of his experience and passion helping solve today’s cyber crimes.

Certified Digital Forensic Examiner and Operations Director, Jason Silva, was recently invited to Wilmington University to guest lecture a class entitled “Cyberlaw” at the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. The course provides an overview of the legal doctrines and principles that apply to the operation and development of computer technology and the Internet.

Did you know that hackers attack every 39 seconds and 60% of small businesses go out of business within six months of a cyber attack? From malware to ransomware, ESI to IoT, Jason provided a thorough explanation of popular buzzwords in the field and connected the role Digital Forensics plays in solving cyber crime.

Where was he at 5:03pm on Friday evening? How fast was she travelling across the Benjamin Franklin Bridge on Monday at 1:58am? Jason presented the industry leading technology and progressive tools that empower Digital Forensic Examiners to expose the forensic artifacts necessary to create a timeline of events and uncover the truth.

Jason prides himself on staying at the forefront of new and emerging forensic technologies and best practices. He is passionate about educating others in the areas of Digital Forensics and providing his clients with exceptional customer service through meticulous attention to detail. Click here to download a copy of his presentation.

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