How to Successfully Set Up a Litigation War Room

As an attorney or paralegal, you understand the importance of pre-trial preparation. When facing a large case, you need the perfect space to concentrate, strategize, and collaborate. That’s where a war room comes in handy. This space is ideally outfitted with the latest technology, equipment, supplies, and support staff you need to plan for and win your case. Wondering how to set up a war room? War room configurations vary on a case-by-case basis, but there are a few things every situation room should have. Here’s how to plan for an effective legal war room setup. 

Choose the Ideal Location 

When choosing a location for your war room, there are two things to consider: logistics and functionality. Your space should ideally be set up in the most convenient area for your legal team. It should be close to the courtroom and surrounded by hotels, other forms of lodging, eateries, office supply stores, pharmacies, and other essential venues and vendors. You want your team to be able to focus the majority of their time and energy on preparing for trial and not getting to and from the war room. 

In addition to considering transportation and location, you need to think about how long you will be using your war room and how extensive your technology requirements are. For example, conference rooms are a good option for daily strategizing, while hotel rooms provide a more

permanent solution but often have limited technical capabilities. And don’t forget to consider the size of the room. You could have several team members preparing documents, strategizing, and practicing simultaneously, and you need enough space to support their efforts without feeling cramped. 

Create a List of Contacts 

Organizing a comprehensive list of essential contacts may seem like such a minor thing, but it could save you in the event of an emergency. This list should include everyone involved in the case and your pre-trial preparations, including the judge, vendors, and everyone on your trial team. Where appropriate, have the person’s contact information (including address, phone numbers, and email addresses) and their alternate contact’s information. Keep an electronic copy of this list and post several physical copies throughout the war room. 

Acquire the Right Equipment 

When you’re considering setting up a war room for your pre-trial preparation, treat it as if you were planning to set up a temporary office. What type of supplies and equipment would you need? More often than not, these are the same things you would need for an effective war room setup: 

● Computers 

● Tablets 

● Printers 

● Copiers 

● Power Strips 

● Projectors 

● Audiovisual and Presentation Equipment 

● Wireless Routers 

● Refrigerators 

● And more! 

You could use your own equipment when configuring your war room, but this could be a hassle, especially if you’re traveling long distances. Instead of risking the integrity of your own equipment, consider renting. An added benefit of working with a tech-savvy professional is having support if issues arise during your pre-trial preparation. 

Procure Office Supplies 

Simple office supplies, like pens and pencils, are just as necessary as technological equipment. When planning to set up a war room, make sure you create a comprehensive list of all supplies you will need. This could include paper, envelopes, pens, hole punchers, staplers, and notebooks.

Plan for Meals & Snacks 

Your trial team will work long days and have little to no time to hunt down food. Take care of your team and ensure they can work efficiently and effectively by planning for food and beverages beforehand. Keep your war room well-stocked with snacks, bottled water, and coffee. Consider having lunches and dinners catered by trusted vendors delivered or have a refrigerator on hand so that every second can be spent preparing for trial 

Configure Your War Room 

Once you’ve chosen a location for your war room and decided which equipment you will need, you can figure out the best configuration for your situation room. Everyone should have an adequate amount of desk space, and it would be ideal if you could provide ergonomic seating and plenty of light. Don’t hesitate to reconfigure the room as you and your team start strategizing. Your war room should support your efforts, not hinder them. 

Get Set Up for Success With War Room Design Services 

At Cornerstone Discovery, we do not simply offer e-Discovery services. While we specialize in collecting digital evidence, we also understand the challenges of presenting evidence at court and can help you set up a war room that allows you to plan for trials without roadblocks. For more information about the benefits of trial presentation services and our war room services, contact us today! 



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