Help Save Net Neutrality and The Open Internet!

Today is the worldwide day of action to try and save the internet as we know it!

If you’re reading this post right now, it means you use the internet and should care about what the FCC is trying to do to it.

What’s Going On?

Net neutrality ensures that the free market can pick winners and losers on the internet ecosystem — not big corporations and ISPs.

The FCC is currently trying to strip the internet of its Title II classification, which would essentially remove all regulations and oversight from the internet service providers that pipe the websites and content you love into your home, work, phones, and even cars.

Like Netflix? Too bad, you have to use Hulu because they have a partnership with Comcast. If you want to use Netflix you’ll have to switch to Verizon FiOS. FiOS isn’t offered in your neighborhood? Sorry, I guess you can’t watch season two of Stranger Things.

This is just one of the scenarios that could occur if ISPs and big telecom are in control of what websites and content they want to allow through their “pipes.” Big players like Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, etc. could pay Comcast and Verizon millions of dollars to ensure that their websites load extremely fast, while start-ups would be stuck in the “slow lane” because they don’t have the capital to pay up.

What Can You Do?!

Speak up!!! Check out for all of the nitty-gritty. Send a letter! Call you representatives! Share this on Facebook (if Facebook is included in your internet package, if not I guess use MySpace.) Just do something!

We all use the internet every single day. Cornerstone Discovery wouldn’t exist without the internet. We rely on unimpeded access to all the tools, information, and resources the open internet has to offer in order to do our jobs, and I’m sure most of you do as well.

The Internet As We Know It Is At Risk!

Save the internet! We’ve come too far from 56k dial-up and progressive loading JPEGs to go back!



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