Cornerstone Discovery Launches Trial Exhibit Automation Management App in

Game-Changing Web Application Streamlines Exhibit Management, Reduces Litigation Support Costs and Improves Trial Readiness for Legal Industry.

Cornerstone Discovery announced the nationwide release of, the only digital exhibit management and identification system on the market today. Designed as a secure, cloud-based web application, Docfolio automates exhibit management so attorneys, law firms and litigation support staff can quickly and accurately produce exhibits and exhibit lists for trial. This affordable and innovative solution saves law firms, litigation support teams valuable time and money while improving their overall trial readiness.

“Lawyers, paralegals and litigation support staff have been Bates stamping, physically placing exhibit stickers on documents and updating exhibits lists manually for decades. Worst of all these support tasks are time intensive, cost money and frequently change leading up to the start of a trial,” said Jason Silva, Director of Operations at Cornerstone Discovery. “We’ve eliminated that pain including the need for purchasing exhibit stickers. Our technology streamlines these steps by simply dragging and dropping files to begin the process. From there you can manage and produce 100s of exhibits with digital exhibit stickers in seconds.”

Docfolio is trial tested and proven by veteran Cornerstone Discovery Trial Technicians on matters of various sizes including large federal criminal cases. Docfolio transforms the way legal professionals prepare, manage, and produce exhibits before and during trial. “What use to take days or hours, can now be done in seconds with 100% accuracy,” said Sean Morgan, designer of Docfolio. “Best of all, Docfolio is easy-to-use and can be accessed anywhere.”

Product highlights include:

  • Uploading files before trial and during trial and automatically updating exhibit lists
  • Automatically bates stamping & marking exhibits (i.e. Defense, Plaintiff, Government)
  • Renaming, renumbering exhibits (i.e. bulk, individual files) and making changes to exhibit lists on the fly
  • Sharing exhibits and exhibit lists effortlessly and producing marked exhibits within seconds
  • Exporting or downloading exhibits to seamlessly upload to trial presentation software such as TrialDirector® or Sanction®

Whether you’re a solo-practicing attorney, boutique firm, medium or large law firm including enterprise level institutions such as state and federal government, Docfolio offers affordable plans for individual cases and flexible yearly subscription plans starting at $995 for firms and teams that handle more than five cases per year.

“At Cornerstone Discovery, we are constantly looking at ways technology can improve productivity and collaboration for the legal industry,” said Jason Silva. “And Docfolio does just that.”

To learn more about Docfolio, visit our website at or contact Sean Morgan at (267) 639-6900 or by email.



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