Boutique Law Firm Seeks Bigger Results

A well-established boutique Law Firm wants to expand their business to handle more cases of all size. As they grow, they realize their workflow is inefficient. They are wasting time, money and major opportunities. They need a Litigation Support Partner who they can rely on.


The firm sees a missed opportunity for growth. They want to take on more cases but soon realize they do not have the infrastructure to handle more, much less larger cases, with complex discovery. Their staff is overwhelmed with, E-Discovery and their processes are inefficient, causing them to be less profitable.

  • Counsel receives a large document production in a standard load file format. They need an efficient way to comb through the data quickly.
  • Opposing counsel requests a large amount of email discovery under a strict deadline. They need to collect, review and produce the information quickly while protecting the integrity of privileged and non-responsive files.


The firm partners with Cornerstone Discovery to assist with Litigation Support. This decision allows them to offload the scanning and printing of documents, instantly increasing efficiency and savings. As Cornerstone Discovery becomes more familiar with their existing methods, the team identifies several ways to help streamline their processes, including:

  • Integrating Cornerstone Discovery’s cloud-based E-Discovery product, JUNTO®, allowing the team to securely review, search and organize large amounts of discovery data.
  • Consulting with Cornerstone Discovery’s E-Discovery and Certified Digital Forensic Specialists provide access to the most progressive tools and experience-based knowledge in the industry.


Cornerstone Discovery continues to integrate, empowering the boutique firm to compete with “big firm” competition who have access to in-house Litigation Support and E-Discovery departments. With Junto, they now review all files online rather than printing, saving time, resources and money. The team is now comfortable receiving large volumes of discovery and responding to complex and extensive discovery requests, leveraging Cornerstone’s review platform and exhibit management systems. The firm can now search, review and access data quickly to prepare for litigation with confidence and ease. See a real example:

Step 1: Cornerstone Discovery collects client’s “small” email file of only 5GB. Within one day, their team executes search terms on all 50,000 emails, runs a privilege check, deduplicates and locates 500 responsive emails.

Step 2: The legal team logs into from the office and home to review files, ensuring that everything is responsive and that all privileged documents are withheld and any sensitive or confidential data is securely redacted.

Step 3: Cornerstone Discovery bate stamps and produces this discovery to the “big firm” competitor with all 500 emails including metadata in an industry standard format. Cornerstone Discovery automates the creation of a privilege log of all withheld files with counsel’s notes for production to opposing counsel. Production is easily sent to opposing counsel via download link from


In less than a week, this “small firm” complied with the “big firm” discovery request with ease. Now, they shift their focus to other matters, expanding their business quickly and efficiently.

Their reputation is that of a boutique firm with the technical capabilities that rival a “big firm.” With Cornerstone Discovery on their side, their firm is more agile and can handle more cases. Today their business is actively expanding and more profitable.

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At Cornerstone Discovery, we’re committed to seamlessly integrating with and enhancing your litigation team, all while providing superior customer service. Our team of highly trained Technical Experts, Certified Trial Technicians and experienced Project Managers are dedicated to revolutionizing your case in and out of the courtroom.



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