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Cornerstone Discovery

At Cornerstone Discovery, we are a dedicated and trusted single-source solution for your comprehensive Criminal and Civil Litigation support needs. Over the past decade our reputation for innovation, leadership and reliability has afforded us the opportunity to become your expert Litigation partner. In an industry that requires the integration and organization of a multitude of technical skills and services, our mission is to provide industry leading support services, all while reducing unnecessary costs and increasing efficiencies. We offer Law, Government and Business professionals with an all-inclusive solution for strategic consulting services, dedicated project management and innovative software solutions in e-Discovery, Digital Forensics, Litigation and Trial Support.

Founded in 2005, our diverse organization is committed to seamlessly enhancing any litigation team. We lift the burden of technology; it is not your job to be a technical expert, but we believe that you must utilize modern innovation in order to be most effective in today’s courtroom. We are dedicated to applying the most current trends, developing progressive strategies and understanding the latest standards.

We’ve revolutionized the EDRM process using technical innovation and expertise. We are constantly reinventing and educating ourselves, in order to provide the highest quality, trustworthy and reliable results in the most demanding and time sensitive environments. Based in the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we are honored to serve both local and national clients with our wide range of expertise and services.

Who We Are

Diligent, dedicated and hardworking come to mind. Innovative, cutting edge and proficient is what we’ve been called. At Cornerstone Discovery we’ve brought together a team of experts in their craft who share the values and practices of our founding members. Our company philosophy has strengthened and evolved as we’ve grown, but don’t be surprised if our Managing Director picks up the phone when you call. The strong leadership at Cornerstone Discovery encourages excellence, innovation and above all, exceptional customer service. By seeking out top talent who intrinsically uphold the integrity of who we are, we’ve ensured that the delivery of our services and our relationship with you is the most important aspect of our job.

Our Process

We begin our relationship by assessing your precise needs and appointing you with a dedicated Project Manager. Backed by Certified Technical Experts and Expert Trial Technicians, your Project Manager will ensure that all of your service needs are delivered on time and with acute attention to detail. We understand that there is no room for error in the courtroom and that sometimes you need help in the wee hours before you go to trial.

365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

At Cornerstone Discovery, we are committed to supporting your unique needs, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The strong leadership at Cornerstone Discovery encourages excellence, innovation and above all, exceptional customer service.

Managing Director and Senior Certified Digital Forensic Examiner, Louis "Lou” Cinquanto, co-founded Cornerstone Discovery in 2005. After eight years of service, Lou retired from the United States Air Force in 2005 where he was an esteemed Pilot, KC-10 Mission Commander and Web Application Architect. Among his list of noteworthy accomplishments, Lou designed and implemented a web-based database for pilot scheduling that is currently used worldwide by the United States Air Force.

Lou identified a need in the marketplace for a Civil and Criminal Litigation consulting firm who leveraged technology to provide expert Computer Forensic services. Out of Lou’s extensive technical expertise and passion for digital forensics, Cornerstone Discovery was born. Lou has become an admitted expert in Computer Forensics in both Federal and State Courts. As a Certified Digital Forensic Examiner, his vast proficiency includes computer, mobile, network and digital forensics.

Lou is a dedicated, life-long learner, regularly seeking continuing education courses and training programs in order to stay at the forefront of advanced digital forensic technique and technology. Lou’s passion for education does not merely end with his personal learning, Lou is a poised and charismatic adjunct professor at Temple University Beasley School of Law and lecturer at Widener Law School. Lou’s extensive expertise and compelling lecture style has him sought after by various panels and organizations; he has delivered presentations for The American Bar Association, Philadelphia Bar Institute, the University of Pennsylvania Law School and the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Certified Digital Forensic Examiner and Operations Director, Jason Silva, joined our team in 2010. Jason soon became a devoted apprentice to Lou Cinquanto, establishing a rigorous work ethic and desire to advance the company via technical innovation. Today, Jason is the Director of Operations and lead Project Manager whose meticulous attention to detail and strong leadership skills benefit the Cornerstone Discovery team and Clients, alike.

Jason graduated from Drexel University with a Bachelor of Computer Science from the college of Engineering. He is an ACE Certified Forensic Examiner and an admitted expert, testifying in both depositions and courtrooms, in the area of Digital Forensics.Jason works alongside Managing Director, Lou Cinquanto, strategically developing new services and software applications to enhance our current offerings. Jason was responsible to oversee the development and successful launch of our newest software solution, Junto. He is also involved in hiring and training new employees, directing our team to stay focused on delivering top notch customer service at all times.

Jason has taken the initiative to continue his education at both national and international conferences, proactively enhancing his skills in technical application and forensic expertise. Jason prides himself on keeping up to date with new and emerging forensic methods and best practices. He is passionate about educating others in the areas of Digital Forensics; he has lectured at Widener Law School and has asked to be part of various expert panel discussions at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute.

In his free time you’ll find Jason regularly performing cross-fit style circuit training, preparing for his 2015 goal of accomplishing a Spartan Trifecta, no small feat in the Spartan community. Jason recently finished in 4th place at a local Civilian Military Combine, the fastest growing community of Hybrid athletes. Jason also donates his time to various individuals and nonprofit causes, leveraging his technical aptitude to help build websites and offer consulting services.

Certified Digital Forensic Examiner, Brian Stofik, joined Cornerstone Discovery in 2014 adding his passion and expertise to our growing Digital Forensic team. Responsible for the collection, preservation and examination of electronically stored information (ESI) in both Civil and Criminal matters nationwide, Brian successfully employs his vast experience and an array of new and emerging techniques to deliver expert Digital Forensic services to Attorneys, Law Firms, Federal and State Agencies as well as Lead Counsel within Corporations across the country.

Brian's lifelong affinity for all things technology led him to Bloomsburg University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Forensics. While some might find a locked device or frozen account a daunting mystery, Brian rises to the challenge with steady perseverance. His experience at Merck & Co., Inc. further expanded his knowledge of legalities related to proper backup systems and document production working with the Legal Department in his role as e-Discovery Analyst. Brian's talent was quickly realized and he was soon responsible for training and leading the sizable eDiscovery department.

Seeking a career move to further challenge his skill sets, Brian joined Cornerstone Discovery's Digital Forensic Department and quickly gained a reputation for his thorough analysis, persevering work ethic and dedication to the team. Brian is an Admitted Expert in the United States Eastern District Federal Court of Pennsylvania and a lifelong learner. Brian invests in staying at the forefront of forensic methodologies and industry standards by attending lectures, conferences, and specialized training throughout the year.

Brian's knack for observation extends out of the office, creatively expressed in his passion for photography. On the weekends, when he is not tinkering with Arduino boards and 3D printers, you'll often find Brian with his Canon 70D in hand, adventuring surrounding cities capturing different landscapes, architectural façades and night-time shots. Brian's love for travel sends him on regular road trips, often on his motorcycle, spending time with family and friends.

Litigation and Trial Technology Director, Sean Morgan, joined our team in 2009. Sean has quickly become a leader in trial support, visual presentation development and frontend web design.

Sean graduated from Drexel University with a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media from the College of Media Arts and Design. His passion and proficiency in Digital Media facilitated his immediate growth at Cornerstone Discovery, turning him into a skillful leader involving all facets of Litigation and Trial Technology and support.

Sean’s unique skills allow him to develop dynamic and powerful aids individually tailored to fit the needs of Counsel. His creativity and level of expertise are demonstrated in all areas of design including static and interactive presentations. Sean has spent years supporting countless Litigation teams throughout the trial process, providing both technical support and demonstrative production. He has quickly gained a notable reputation for precision and professionalism. He has been qualified in court as an Expert in Digital Media and has provided crucial evidence in the wrongful arrests of innocent lives utilizing his self-created videos and presentations.

Sean assists in the development of numerous website and software projects, spearheading the frontend development of Cornerstone Discovery’s industry leading online software applications. Sean’s skills also translate to aiding in the discovery process, providing thorough and expert analysis of video, image and audio files.

Sean spends much of his free time with friends and family, and enjoys using his skills and experience to teach others. Specifically, he teaches a hands-on trial presentation technology course at Temple University in the areas of Trial Support and Preparation in the Advanced Trial Advocacy Program. Sean also lectures on trial techniques at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Law.

Certified Digital Forensic Examiner, Benjamen McCollum joined Cornerstone Discovery in early 2016. A self-identified "computer geek” and "forensic junkie”, Ben's courtroom experience and ambitious work ethic make him an invaluable member of the Digital Forensic team. Responsible for the collection, preservation and examination of electronically stored information (ESI) in Civil and Criminal matters, Ben supports national and international cases alike, providing e-Discovery and digital forensic consultation to attorneys, law firms, State and Federal agencies as well as lead counsel within Fortune 1000 companies.

Ben comes from a long lineage of family members who serve the criminal justice system. With a natural affinity towards technology and interest in law, Ben's first taste of forensics was inspired by the growing field of Biometric Forensics. Ben pursued his passion for technology at Bloomsburg University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Forensics. While immersed in Bloomsburg's elite program, recognized by the National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education, Ben armed himself with meaningful industry experience before graduating.

Ben's first internship at Luzerne County District Attorney's Office allowed him to experience criminal investigations and engage in computer and mobile examinations first-hand. Working alongside the Pennsylvania State Police, local detective unit and digital forensic team, Ben excelled in all tasks assigned to him. From assisting detectives in undercover surveillance and decoy duties, to imaging computers for the computer crime lab, Ben completed his internship knowing that he had found a career to meaningfully combine his passion with his talents.

Before graduating, Ben's expert skill set proved to serve the faculty and staff of Bloomsburg University well. Recognized for his technical proficiency and refined level of customer service, Ben managed network security for university computers, provided imaging services and repaired devices campus-wide. Upon graduating Ben moved to Design Manager, Inc. as an On-Boarding Cloud Engineer where he was responsible for secure data migrations, upholding vulnerability management solutions, performing cloud conversions and providing technical support to clients' computer and mobile devices across the country. Seeking a role that moved him closer to criminal forensics, Ben moved to the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office as the department's first Homicide Technical Services Specialist.

With an ever-increasing need for technical trial support and e-Discovery expertise, Ben began testifying in trial on behalf of technical investigations, aided in digital forensic analysis, assisted in homicide investigations, managed the tech services unit and digitally maintained all trial exhibits. Ben's tech savviness and high-level performance were recognized in and out of the courtroom. Eager to continue expanding his experience and to face challenging investigations, Ben joined Cornerstone Discovery in 2016 as a Certified Digital Forensic Examiner. Today, Ben is recognized among Clients for his work ethic, attention to detail, honesty and hands-on approach. "There's no greater joy than calling a Client to tell them I've found what they have been looking for,” Ben says with a grin.

When not working late into the night, providing expert witness testimony in court or continuing his education, you might likely find Ben engrossed in one of his favorite sci-fi novels, joyfully spending time with his family or escaping the city to take part in an outdoor adventure of the season. Ben's friendly demeanor and thoughtful nature make him a sought-after friend, family member and colleague.

E-Discovery Specialist Shane Herrmann joined Cornerstone Discovery in 2014. Shane initially was hired to optimize Cornerstone Discovery's e-Discovery Platform — Junto®, as an Assistant Developer, helping our team identify application bugs and process flaws that inhibit the ultimate customer experience. He was soon recognized for his attention to detail and ability to deliver a high level of client service during client training sessions and to answer client service calls about Junto. From lawyers to paralegals alike, Shane is recognized for his ability to grasp new technical concepts, keen insights, and composure that empowers clients to access and quickly leverage state-of-the-art legal technology.

Shane's keen appreciation towards transforming data into information led him to study mathematics at Ursinus College. An instinctive problem-solver with a prominent interest in business, Shane graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and minors in Statistics, Economics, and Management. Shane took on several leadership and training roles throughout his college and volunteer experience, further developing his natural talents and penchant towards assisting others.

Shane's innate ability to employ technology combined with his procedural fluency led him to Heraeus Precious Materials where he worked as a Service Lab Technician. During his time, Shane honed his skills performing material tests, creating reports, working with customer service teams and determining solutions to improve processes.

At Cornerstone Discovery, Shane's dedication to learning and staying at the forefront of new technology is demonstrated by his promotion to e-Discovery Specialist and his ACE and LAW PreDiscovery™ EDD credentials. Shane's inclination towards streamlining processes helps to improve office efficiencies, adding extreme value to Cornerstone Discovery's e-Discovery and Digital Forensic teams. Most recently, Shane has also been tasked with transitioning the e-Discovery Department to the Nuix integrated e-Discovery solution.

Shane's fervent mathematic proficiency extends even to his home where he is well known for creating complex spreadsheets for multiple fantasy drafts and leagues he participates in year-round. And when not crunching numbers or watching his beloved Flyers, Shane stays active in several recreational sports leagues, including basketball and softball. Best of all, when Shane has some time off you often find him out adventuring around town with his college sweetheart (and now fiancée) and newest four-legged friend, his Bernese Mountain dog — Charlie.


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