Simplify your comprehensive e-Discovery process.

Count on our team of Certified Digital Forensic Examiners to simplify your comprehensive e-Discovery process. Leverage our technical and forensic experience to increase efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs.

We provide solutions for every stage of the EDRM process. Leverage our expertise from start to finish.


  • Identify your unique data source
  • Find out where it is
  • Confirm who has it
  • Determine how we will obtain it

Preservation & Collection

We expertly preserve and collect your data. Our Certified Digital Forensic Examiners will uncover any missing parts so that you are sure to be equipped with all of the information.

Processing, Review & Analysis

Whether you are responding to a discovery request or complying with a subpoena, we partner with you to set up a protocol in order to define precise search parameters. By strategically guiding you through this process, we help reduce the volume of unnecessary information in order to save you time and money.

From here, gain access to our innovative e-Discovery web application, Junto, and begin your seamless review and analysis.


Production has never been easier. Leverage Junto’s Production Wizard to create and send Native, TFF, PDF and Bates Stamp productions of responsive video and audio clips, e-mails and documents.


We are experts in the technical presentation of data for hearings, mediations, arbitrations, trials and demonstrative presentations. To learn how to leverage our cutting-edge technical and support skills, visit our Litigation and Trial Support sections.


In today’s ever growing legal landscape, it is your duty to protect and preserve your information. Let us help you maintain your data in our secure Private Cloud. We’ll ensure that you are complying with current laws and standards in order to reduce unnecessary and unforeseen costs down the road. Our diverse and experienced team can help guide you through the challenging issues that may test your company or organization in the future, including personnel questions, security breaches, intellectual property laws and digital forensics.


Introducing Junto.

Innovation Meets Design. E-Discovery just got Easier.

From conference room to courtroom, Junto is an innovative e-Discovery web application that provides an easy to use solution for securely reviewing, searching and organizing vast amounts of discovery data. The cloud-based online platform provides Law, Business and Government Agency environments with direct access to information from anywhere in the world. Discover Junto and turn information into powerful results.